Friday, December 26, 2008

the winter evenings...

I was at my grandma's place today...the day went on with the regular chatting n stuff. As the evening drew up,I decided to go out for a stroll in the colony....the place where I grew up...the place that has given me best of friends. though none of them are still around there but I stepped out with an anticipation, a feeling or just simply wanting to meet them there, in those streets n lanes we can so well relate to-the lanes could narrate our fights, our games,our secret talks,our crushes, our love lifes,our blunders so well.Out under the star lit sky,I realised the chill in the city is getting to its best...and the walks in the lanes n the by lanes was just so amazing…the very same lanes where I grew up cycling, playing badminton, and then graduated to the cozy evening walks with..!!!!
It was the same chill, the same lanes n the same feeling. It made me happy n all smiley…m not a winter person but these walks in winters at times can get the child out in me….I was enjpying the chill n let myself in it instead of wrapping myself in the usual warm n snuggy stuff. I was enjoying the calmness in the air, in the mind.

To top it all, I went to d gud ol’ Mother Dairy that has been a witness to so many big n small celebrations of mine. It once again became a part of the glee I was feeling in me with a cup of my usual ice-cream…umm…ice-cream while walking down the damn chilly dimly lit streets is a feeling words cannot describe….it makes u totally experience dilli ki sardi…

an evening cherished..:)

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