Friday, March 27, 2009


    Shayari tagged me with this! ..i know its coming very late...but it goes..
    It's all about listing 25 random things about oneself. Well here I go about it.

        1. I hate guests at home for it counts for a lot of formalities n those artificial smiles..

        2. I just absolutely hate to cook!! n I secretly wish for a hubby who loves to cook n I’ll be more than happy to let that load go off my head.

        3. I really really vouch for dowry free no not even in the name of gifts…

        4. I keep on teasing my mom for her superstitions but m growing up to be like her… ;)) I luuv her,adore herbut I dnt wanna be like her…

        5. I just luv sitting under the stars, watching sunsets..…there’s nothing like it .

        6. m 24 n still not very convinced about my professional choice…

        7. m a big time sleepoholic…n I mean it!

        8. I just so much luuuuv that spicy chilli sauce that u get with momos….i always make it a point to beg some extra sauce from the momo guy!! Its yummy…slurp!

        9. I have this crazy thing in me….m a mango lover…I just gorge on mangoes during summers n then I crave for them in winters too!!..all the time….!

        10. for some people m an introvert,khadus,arrogant person but with some I can just go on talking endlessly!

        11. I talk to myself. I talk to myself n I talk to myself….n start thinking that I have conveyed it to the other person…but actually I don’t….n that’s how I mess it all up!!

        12. I always end up falling weak in front of the wrong people ;(( I need lots of wisdom on judging people…

        13. In my small heart in one small vein I have a desire to learn to play guitar but I can’t even get the sa re ga ma right on my vocals!! I did try learning it, my teacher got fed up n I left it in all embarrassment!!

        14. I want to learn to ride a bike!

        15. n n n I just need to visit leh…I think it’s the mostest beautifullest( is that a word?) place I have ever known hear of….

        16. I just love to listen to all those songs played on radio all night loooooong

        17. I just feeling like brutualy murdering when those stupid aunty n uncles try coaxing me into getting married with the famous one-liner
        har ladki ko ek din apne ghar jana hi hota haiyeh ghar to paraya hai.”
        Uff gimme a break….abhi meri umar hi kya hai….n phulez mind ur own life....not mine....

        18. n m really proud to say that unlike others girls m the mechanic of my house…from
        changing bulbs n tube lights, joining wires, fixing small stuff, dealing with plumbers,
        mechanics..i can do it!!

        19. I can just never keep my clothes in an order in my closet…every 15 days I religiously
        take out all my clothes, fold them n neatly place them in hangers n bundles…but I cannot maintain it…I just ruffle up everything while taking out, picking.choosing what to wear
        that after 15 days…its like open the closet n all stuff inside is falling on ur face!!n then
        again the cycle repeats!!

        20. I suck big time when it comes to managing relatives…

        21. I go nuts when I go shopping….when ever I shop I just can’t buy anything…I have to
        like it in the first instant look or m not buying it….n this way I end up searching every
        damn shop in the whole market n end up home empty haded….and that’s why I usually
        go shopping alone!!

        22. I like to take the off beaten road…the road that is less traveled….be it profession,
        clothes,hobbies,friends…whatever…I don’t like being counted in the heard…though I
        don’t want to stand out as well….its like I like to be there n yet be
        different….confusing…dnt worry…m a gemini!!

        23. when I was a kid I used to luuv cycling…. n I was pretty apt at it….i used to ride very
        fast n evry few days some aunty would come home complaining to my grand mom….ha
        ha once I banged into a kabadi wala on a blind turn….n he was mad at me for all his stuff lay open on the road n I couldn’t stop laughing….n m thinking of it m giggling even
        Ahh…its now I can connect why I luuv driving so much…n no wonder my dad is so
        anxious when m out with his car!!lol….

        24. I miss my grandpa…its been 7 yrs n I still think of him n remember those times when I
        just loved squeezing into his lap n he used to keep patting on my head in silence…..n u
        know he was suffering so much at that time…I actually prayed to God to take him away so that he doesn’t have to bear all that pain…..I miss u a lot daddy…nobody can share
        that magic that we had…

        25. okay…I think I got too emotional above….n since this is the last one…I shud end it on a happy note….hmmm..ok…..i hav this mad cousin …..whenever he needs to fart he positions his bum bang infront of the face of someone and just farts!! phooooooooooooooo!!
        n I have learnt this from him;)))!!!! Try it guys its real fun!!!

        please feel free to tag urself!!

        Monday, March 23, 2009

        झुकी नज़रें

        बातों ही बातों में
        न कहते हुए भी
        बहुत कुछ कह ग

        वो इशारे ही काफी थे
        समझने के लिये
        उस बात को
        जिसे जुबान तक न आने दे रहे थे

        कल मुझसे नज़रें मिला पाओ
        उस खातिर
        आज नज़रें झुका कर
        चले गए

        लेकिन वो झुकी नजरें
        भी छुपा न पाई वो कहानी
        जिसे बयां न करना चाह रहे थे तुम

        Wednesday, March 11, 2009

        a neat holi

        I had none of my friends around to play holi with...
        but I ventured out of the house in hope of njyn the day...
        well no friends but I ended up playing holi with the kiddos of my colony..
        n it was so much fun...n kids are smarter...dey arn't scared of colours as I was....n once u throw colour at them dey'll give it back to u with all their pichkaris n everythin....he he he
        I played a neat holi this time...with only gulal n water...
        n just taking out water from other people's tanks
        colouring the cars parked..
        snatching buckets from children n using it to throw water at them!!
        mixing gulal in chandan...
        ganging up with kids to drench the nosy ones around..
        n yeah colouring them up with their own colours...

        n then sitting back n njyn as they carried on.....

        mean me!!

        Tuesday, March 10, 2009

        its only words..

        hey i was out last evening with O
        and it was just wonderful..

        well both of us didn't do nythn great
        we just walked and sang 'words...'
        its just so wonderful a song n i just luuuuved it during my teenage days..
        it brought back so many memories.....n smiles....

        n while wakin past we just heard it playin in a car n ended up singing it on
        (though both of us r terrible singers....but what the heck!!)

        and ended up ROFL ;)))

        "Smile, an everlasting smile
        A smile can bring you near to me
        Don't ever let me find you gone
        Cause that would bring a tear to me
        This world has lost it's glory
        Lets start a brand new story
        Now my love
        You think that I don't even mean
        A single word I say...
        It's only words
        And words are all I have
        To take your heart away..."