Saturday, February 21, 2009


Confused,tangled,is what my state of mind is..
I m not able to relate to myself..not able to converse with my own self
With my thoughts….
M demanding too much
Nothing is clear…there’s clutter,blurr,opaqueness
M feeling tired,worn-out,weary
Feeling that enthusiasm bleaking
M trying to solve the jig saw
Just want to hear my voice again
To feel that serenity in me…
To feel that stability in me…

Monday, February 16, 2009

zidd hai aashiyan banane ki....

O sent me these beautiful lines....the source is unknown....

baadlon ke darmiyaan kuch aisi saazish hui,
mera ghar mitti ka tha mere hi ghar baarish hui,
usko bhi zid hai bijliyaan girane ki,
hame bhi zid hai wahi aashiyaan banane ki....

image by olvwu on flickr

Sunday, February 15, 2009


we may be walking on the same road

I'll care for you in my own way

you'll never know

and perhaps I'll never show.
photo courtesy: flickr

Friday, February 13, 2009

m feelin nerdy...

well m feelin all white n nerdy....have been down with viral since 4 days....but dats nothing new..m used to it since this happens to me with every change of season.... but m hating it dis time...its my friends engagement party on the 14th with her dream guy n I want to be be with all of them.. I know I have to go even if m on the verge of fainting or she'll kick the shit out of me....but I don't want to be looking like a zombie nose is running faster than the corporation's tap water, my nose is cherry red, m on the verge of opening the second box of tissues,my eyes have sunken in, havn't bathed since 3 dayz n desperately hoping for my body temperature to normalise....heavens i need to drive out of town for the party...

leave aside looking my best n dancing till each muscle is paining, I just hope I can make it n manage to get rid of this schizophrenic look that m carrying....ahh I wanna be there......