Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random observations in the past year

It really helps to have the right perspective about one’s priorities. Clarity of one’s own thoughts makes life a little less complicated..:)

Its great to explore the unknown places. Our country is amazingly beautiful.

I find it very difficult to cook. Honest. The initial enthusiasm lasts a meal or two and then it ends up being nothing but a drudge.

Its stupid to think 'My work will automatically get me noticed'. Those days have long gone by. Its time to get yourself noticed and u need to shout it out 'this is what I can do'.

It makes perfect sense to address the issue at hand, instead of fighting it or trying to wish it away.

I hate to confess this but m sensing a generation gap between my parents and me. Now sometimes,it takes an effort on my part to reason it out with them.

I am laziness personified. Its nice for me to know that I have grown a little concerned of the way I look..earlier I gave it a damn….but now m learning to take care of myself.

When you know u are being rubbed the wrong way, give it to him/her then and there.

I thought I could judge people well.but ahem….people are like a labyrinth….guiding you the wrong way.

Your efforts pay…so work hard…workoholism as religion isn’t a bad idea …

Caffeine does help in injecting a bit of energy into u till the office clock says its time to go!!

The small things of life…make it beautiful…