Saturday, December 27, 2008

m lovin it!

its been just two days that I have resigned from work. and life is seeming to be heavenly right now!!
m enjoying every bit of it..:)) and y not...its giving me time to do what I love the most...sleep ..sleep n sleep.....after all m laziness personified...!!! there's nothing like snugging up in the warmth of the quilt till late in the morning and day dreaming and digging into my fantasies...!! I just kinda love to laze around in the mornings, napping on n off...into my whims n fancies...n having the ultra yummy christmas cakes for breakfast.....I shudn't be askin for more...!!!

"I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires" - Kahlil Gibran

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aneesha said...

hm... lazing n th esun is something we all aspire to do... nice blog
do i know u though?? Mr/Ms anonymous blogger?? u left a comment on my blog..