Friday, September 26, 2008


In the race between the cat and mouse mostly the mouse wins....


cat runs for the food but mouse runs for its life.

So...............remember PURPOSE is important than NEED....

the childhood fun

The other day in a school, I was just looking at the kids playing around and really really enjyn it….and I realized so much fun these childhood games were…that gangof ours and playing all sorts of games ranging from the good ol borin housie housie to kho kho to red letter and that evening wala galli ka cricket…:)…and then just vanishing up asap after hitting the ball onto someone’s window or when it landed up on the neighbours car….oh what fun it was!! Kya masti bhare din the woh……the cycling race….ah I was mad about it…..I used to cycle at such a speed. Once I even rammed into our colony ka kabadiwala!!!!ouch…! the teaming up in the badminton matches and then the fights too…

The summer holz – there was so much to do at that time except the homework.!! The early morning walks to JNU. Goofing up at some friends house or the other for the whole day, bringing the roof down and ruining the siesta for the rest of the members in the house!! And the walks in the dark streets of the colony and the most besuri antakshari songs we shouted at the top of our throats to add to the irritation and the restlessness of the people around when the electricity department played notorious… and then the lectures at home after all the mess had been done ;)))))

Oh how can I forget one tomfoolery we got into….we three friends used to read a lotta books and there was this bhaiya in our colony who used to issue comics and stuff during holidays. Looking at him we got this waggish idea of setting up our own library….we got hold of every damn book in our house…I mean trust me, we sneaked into every corner, every cupboard, every shelf and grabbed any book we could lay our hands on!!
We numbered the books which came up to around 200 and grandly named our library as the TAJ library using the initials of our names!!
We did actually sit down and made labels displaying the name of our library, pasted it on every book, made a record register , made posters , got them typed and pasted all over the colony…what freaks we were and I don’t know what made us do all of it. We took newspapers and an old bedsheet and laid down our library on the street. We used to operate in the morning and evening!!
Ha ha but lemme come to the most amusing part….in that whole one month, only 5 books were issued!! We tried our level best to bring in people and coax them to issue books but in vain…J…it was fun. I don’t remember if any of us were disappointed by the no one coming to our library issue….we just enjoyed the whole experience. Even today when I open my collection of books and have some of those books with the label TAJ library on it, nothing can stop a big smile on my face… after so many years, though the other two co-owners of the library are miles away and its been ages the three of us have even spoken to each other, I am sure the experience would make them think of us as a gang and feel elated….

Ah I just realized I got too deep into describing that activity….i guess memories are like that, you just can’t hold them back… I think its time to conclude this.Hey a must mention here has to be the durga puja time, the diwali melas in the colony….a time for all the gaiety, frolic and merriment.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the big fat weddings...

These weddings are such a piss off I tell you... I just can't understand the concept of calling the whole world - and come to think of it, the two people getting married would even know the 50% people who are attending their wedding for they would be their mother's uncles or father's aunts and their kids and grand kids and who and who not........ the funniest part being - most of the people who attend these weddings (including me) don't even know the names of the two people getting married! Now how wierd is that? But it is like that... take it or leave it. I don't mind admitting it but the only good thing about all this marriage business is the food( only if it is good and that too is rare!:(

So basically there are precisely a few chossen things to do at a big fat indian wedding - gorge on food, observe people at their artificial best, children embarrasing their parents with their rowdiest behaviour,flaunt your new clothes, smile to people u dont even distantly remember, pretend as if u know every thing about your long lost aunties and uncles while tryin to do the namaste's and stuff,and lastly enjoy your dessert.

blah blah!

Remember the last time you felt the need to cry....
To why I am saying this is because I m feeling like crying rite now…...reason?? Well its too will be of no harm to me physically but mentally--hell yes!, its creating a lotta turbulence in my head…..And it won't really be worth mentioning and, but just so that my frustration is thrown out I'm doing this.Hell. At this point of time all I want is to get involved in any ordeal to take me away from all of it- every bit of it! But as of now all I can see is a void around me and the last thing that I want to hear from any soul is any senti stuff. Just leave me alone.Huh!

All I can say is that sometimes handling an unnecessary pressure which is not as complicated but since I tend to think over it again n again n not just let it go, its like a cyclone in my head. I am behaving, no thinking like a nerdo!

Why can't all of you live life calmly. I mean I don’t know y m I writing this, coz I know the few people who have been creating trouble in my head will not even be near to reading this…huh!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

a place above the clouds..........

This was my first trip to a place which lies beyond the claws of the tourism departments. And believe you me, it has been the most picturesque one till now. I was on my own for most of the little time I had out of my work schedule exploring the beauty sitting in the lap of nature. It starts with a 5 hour drive from Dehradun with the beautiful Ganges accompanying us till the mid journey. The river has its many facets- it was calm and it was slow, it was ruffling down the mountains in a torrential speed at the bends and curves, the rapids – ravishing.
From is silence an opinion?

The Ganga or for that matter, any river had never seemed to engrossing and so invigorating to me. There’s a lot to explore beyond that sometimes calm and sometimes ravishing river. It once again gave a spark to my intense desire for rafting…but it wasn’t the season since rafting is practiced only in winters. But it wasn’t a disappointment either since I could not get my eyes off the view outside. The most amazing view from a point where one could see a valley, mountains crossing each other and Ganges seemed to make its way from somewhere as if saying that if you can’t find a way, make your own!! It was a sight to behold.

A river never looked so beautiful to me. It has so many delightful, serene, placid facets not yet disturbed by the sophisticated savages that we are. It seemed to me yet so unexplored, yet so young and yet so vibrant. It was like playing peek- a -boo with the river, the mountains and me….Its all in front of my eyes as I am trying to word it down but I can’t… have to be there to experience it, letting all your sense organs indulge in that stupendous aura- the beauty, the air, the flora, the magic of being at that place….oops I haven’t yet mentioned where had I been…this experience with the Ganga is on route to a place called Anjanisain(Tehri) via Rishikesh, Kauriyala, Devaprayag.

The journey beyond the Ganga was not as interesting. It was typical mountain ride and as a result of the spiraling roads, nausea was taking the better of me. I was feeling nothing less than a zombie who had been working rigorously and veraciously since the last few days along with the frivolous conflicts at workplace and a few self- obsessed colleagues plus the zilch energy reserve due to the last minute travel schedule…huh…So I decided to doze off for the rest of the time and conserve my energy for the heavy schedule ahead.

I reached Anjanisain by 11.30 a.m and was to stay in the campus of an organization. The campus was nothing like we have in Delhi. I mean what do you (read I) expect from a place on hills….It was a huge mountain and the office etc. were at different heights on that same huge mountain.. Interesting! I was told that my room is at the top of the hill….It was not even in view from where I was standing. I was grumbling, yet delighted. For one, I mean I did not have the energy to climb the hill that high!! But somewhere delighted imagining the hill top …:).

As we started the trek uphill….ouch! it was difficult….They did not have a proper track to walk on…it was like climbing up a real and a rarely traversed mountain…with a few flat surfaces here & there to step on, wild plants alongside and it was steep… but then that 60-70 step climb up was more than exciting..I was up on energy as if I had just taken in a pack of Glucon-D and yo !!
From is silence an opinion?
The adrenaline had taken the better of me, but once up there I was so totally out of breath that it took me almost 10 minutes to restore my normal breathing!! I just sat there huffing and puffing, not even bothering to look around. And regaining my composure, my eyeballs were wide open. In the past 10 minutes I was totally ignorant of the bliss around me………it was mesmerizing, it was pulchritudinous. It was the highest mountain around and I was on top of it. There was a huge huuuuge valley just in front of my room…voila!!! I sat there stupefied for some time.

The walk downhill was easier on my energy level but had to be careful enough to watch my steps so as not to slip or …..( I don’t even want to imagine the consequences). I was back in my room in time to enjoy the breathtaking sunset and the night sky was amazing. I had never seen so many stars in my life outside a planetarium…the sky seemed as if it had been decorated with hundreds of bright and dull bulbs at a distance.. I am running out of adjectives to describe what I saw. It may sound stupid but I had never ever seen so many stars together. It was fantabulous,beauteous, stunning. The altitude and clear sky were both to my advantage that evening.

It was dinner time and since the dining hall was downhill, we had to again go down that trek and this time it was dark with no electric bulbs on the way…so walking down that path with just the dim lights of cell phones didn’t seem to be a cool idea but we had no choice;). So by the end of the day, climbing up and down the mountain thrice in pitch darkness with dense jungle and aware of the existence of some wild cats around was thriiiiillllllliiiinnnnggg!!!!

I am not an early riser, but next morning I abruptly woke up from my slumber at 5 and generally just peeped outside from behind the curtain. And what I saw, I’ll not write…just have a look.
From is silence an opinion?

From is silence an opinion?

It was totally a place above the clouds. At that point of time I couldn’t have asked for more from the existence above. After a few minutes of this amazingly spectacularly gorgeous panoramic view of the valley…or I should say the dense white clouds I felt the morning chill. So I stuffed myself in a sweater and captured the view through the permanent camera in my head and into my LTM from where it can never ever get deleted. Being above the clouds is so different from being in an airplane in comparison to when its in front of us in the lap of nature. So my next 2 hours were spent gazing at the movement of clouds, the hide & seek of the mountains and the occasional flirting of the breeze with the clouds…..a morning to remember!!
From is silence an opinion?

It started pouring heavily in the afternoon and what a noise the rain had. Firstly because of the height of the place, the clouds were low and their thunderous noise was deafning. And secondly since the rain was falling on tin roofs, it added to the… much more that we could not hear each others voice sitting in a closed room…so instead of trying to converse we just stood at the windows and relished the valley getting drenched.

The evening sky was not as clear as the day before but not bad either. I spent the evening again watching the stars and distant lights in the valley accompanied by some interesting conversations. Also a must mention here is the sound of insects. In Delhi, we hardly get to hear it unless crossing a park in the depth of night or during the monsoon nights. But here, the sound of insects was like the sound of music…you can hear it 24*7 loud and clear and it seemed so much in sync with the environ around. Not even once I felt as if it was noise to my ears.

The next morning was a more or less clear sky with the only one thing worth mentioning. It was a nice warm morning with the sun shining bright. And sitting out in the balcony, I noticed a huge black patch on a mountain at a distance. I doubted if I had seen this in the last two days and was wondering if there was a fire overnight or something. So I was back again to my friend there, who had come to the conclusion that my curiosity had no limits as he had been bombarded with endless questions in the past 2 days. So trying his best (as always!), he asked me to look up in the sky. I looked up in the sky and then back at him blankly…he smiled mischievously , but on getting back the dumbest look from me, he told me it was the shadow of the cloud above………I was just gaping with wonder…

Post lunch, it was time to pack my bags and the journey back home. The drive back was equally good and the last leg from Shivpuri to Dehradun was beautiful with lush greenery, cool breeze and a heavy if not torrential rain!!

It was a beautiful trip….very serene…with a lot of first times for me…hundreds of stars in the sky, a beautiful sunset, living on a place above the clouds, discovering the shadow of a cloud(of which I had never even thought before) and that peculiar sound of insects which never before seemed so fitting with nature…life never seemed more tranquil, serene and beautiful before.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dse teenage frrrandzzz

Relationships surprise me at times…

The human mind can be really complex at times…
Relationships change, equations change….do people change? Be it a friend whom you have trusted all your life with your deepest secrets which you never thought of hiding from them.

There have been friends whom you consider to be your lifeline as teenagers. They be with you through the thick and thin of things. We divulge our dreams, our nightmares, our darkest secrets without even the blink of an eye.
The moments spent are forever cherished….the fun, the frolic, the evening walks, the cards( thankfully when we were teenagers, cards were in vogue….it may sound weird but I am thankful because I have something concrete to look back at those moments. These are momentoes for me which teenagers today have replaced with the all so expensive gifts..:( ).
Coming back to the thoughts going on inside my chronically thinking head… I am thankful to the existence for developing a relation of friendship….the no give and take dosti…a world in the world…away from the nagging, cchic chic of the so called relatives whom the children in the universe find difficult to relate to!!

But all the time , things can’t be hunky dory…gradually the rabbit fun hops out, the frogy mischievousness jumps out, the snake charm slides away, the bugs in the dosti jiggle in…. And as one of my friends suggested, Murphy’s law has its place in the world….It holds valid…if anything has to go wrong…,it will…...

We just keep wondering that something is going wrong. At times our ego stops us, at times its plain laziness(or energy conservation!) to make that extra effort. But all this while, the draconian termite is making our fevicol strong wall crumble inside while we are still trying hard to polish it from outside. We grow up entering into this big bad world….meet more ‘sane’ people while we are in the process of loosing our own ‘sanity’. The complexity of the world takes on us and not even the sparks are allowed to breathe.
Time goes on, new people sneak in. We as sophisticated savages try our level best to make new best friends….to find rhythm in differently tuned in strings. At times we succed, at times we stumble and fall.

Life takes its own course and we start ignoring people who matter most to us as faded paint on the milestones on the highway we just pass by. The cards on the study table find their way into boxes and files and these files are further dumped into the darkest corner of the ‘not so important things almirah.’

And then ……the mad cleaning during the once in the five yearly whitewash plan takes you down the memory lane to those cards and friendship bands….or the social networking sites help us track them down….sometimes the sparks rekindle….sometimes we run out of words…

But are really these so great childhood friends worth loosing in this Amazonian rainforest type of world..??