Friday, October 23, 2009

my diary

Dear ....

Its been time that we have known each other. I never completely trusted you. There have always been unanswered questions about you in my mind. But still I wanted to trust you. Four of us have spent some really awsome mast times together be it hanging out at the malls or just u say 'great times spent'. I always knew that u have been hiding things from me. But i chose to ignore it and was glad that u were sharing those things with me that u culd not trust anybody else with. M thankful to you for keeping that faith in me. But you never let me do that with you.
But after that day I have lost all the respect that I had for you. The path that you have taken on is in absolute contradiction to my values. I cannot accept you like that.
I hate you.
I still wish that all of us be together again but I know that can never ever happen now.
We need to loosen our strings and let each other go our ways.
For the betterment and peace for all of us.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


we were as usual hanging out and M suggested that we go for a proper meal in a good restaurant instead of getting into a fast food joint or a cafe that we usually do. I hated the idea. I am too hesitant of eating in these high end formal restaurants as I call them. The look and the ambience of it makes me uncomfortable though people love these. I would never enter a Ruby Tuesday or a TGIF or Mainland China. everything at these places comes to me as so structured and organised. I would pretty much be happy at grabbing a meal at Yo China or stare at people across glasses at Barista or CCD. These are places where i can be myself, laugh out loud and do just anything. love the feel of these places...casual, cool, bindass. Proper restaurants means sitting properly, well laid out napins and cutlery, somebody serving you, no messing up with food n ketchups..oh so boring.....well we go out to enjoy and have fun ...right!

Infact bestest moments with food have been roadside ones for boiled eggs from the thale wala bhaiya on a cold winter night, steamed momos from the local kiosk, chatpati tikki from the ghar ke pass wala halwai, kathi rolls from kiosks again, matke wale chole kulche, khana from dhabas on highways, hostel ki gandi kitchen ki mast chai, canteen ki maggi....aha...kya mazaa ata hai.....churi kante se ac restaurant mein baith kar khane mein kya rakha hai doston.......enjoy the street food......slurp!

just updates.

there's a lot about me that nobody knows....nobody and i can not and do not want to expalin it to them . but i wish i could share.....i know i can share it with P but i do not have the guts to do so...dark secrets are difficult to open up....she would understand why i do not want to get married now.

i have started making stupid blunders again. its strange but this phase comes in , reoccurs . i start making mistakes n that too illlogical n stupid in nature which i myself cannot understand why and become a cause not of embarrasement but absolute stupidity and mindlessness. its making me feel guilty.

for friends- most of them have a constant complain. i make plans to meet up and call off at the last moment. at times it is mood swing , laziness but mostly its genuine reasons. i wish all my good friends could understand this. but those who do and still love me are my gooody goody what if i couldn't attend my best friends marriage....i know she understands or cancelled off major plans at last moments.....we all still in touch and going good.

i wish i could apply my brains a little more.

feeling too stressed out these days....lot of work and laziness leaves all my work unfinished and then i have to rush. result.....stress.

my hod is getting on my nerves these days...she's irking me...can't she be a better would ease off so much of work..but no..why would she do that...i m starting to hate her.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

mad over donuts

I have always hated donuts….HATED….even the face of it….I hated lukn at them….it always seems such a heavy thing tooo sweet for the mouth with loads of chocolate dripped over it…..i luv chocolate in all its forms but somehow that liquid chocolate poured over donuts would make me feel puky…..seriously.

But from quite some time…people have been recommending me to have donuts from ‘MAD OVER DONUTS’. I was strolling at one of these happening malls in the city with O and we went into the food court without any intentions of binging on smthing. But right at the entrance we spotted MOD. We luked at it and then went on about insulting donuts to heights!!! After we had done our hatefill over donuts, I just mentioned how people have been praising MOD. He agreed in, we gave each other a witty smile and seconds later, we were at the MOD counter trying to choose our donut out of the so many kept there….i was trying to avoid the ones dripping with choc sauce but O insisted on having those ones…I wonder why….so after all that crappy insistence I went in for ‘nuts over donuts’…donut with choc sauce and beautifully covered up with loads of nuts and O choose a milky chocolate one….i have to agree that these donuts were really pleasing to look at as against the horrifying ones I have always had to lay my eyes on… we grabbed a seat and then grabbed the holey things into our mouths……and trust me the experience was heavenly…..the donuts were extremely fresh, warm and fluffy. The sweetness was just apt which is very rare….especially when it comes to sweet stuff…

And I relished every bite of that donut. O suggested for having another grab but I declined for it would have been too much…… m not too choosy with food….n neither m I a food lover….but I must say that m in love with these donuts….and I’ll be going in for a second time sooooon……..