Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am scared….for why do I feel so detached after all the happiness, after all has went well.. I feel nice but still there is a void…..why that loneliness…

Why do I wait for some soul to come and answer all my questions…to finish up all that I have left unanswered….
Do miracles really happen…or m I over sizing my goals…m scared that will I be able to achieve what I am aiming at….am I sure what m looking up to is the best, the perfect for me….

Will it be right to open up my dark secrets to anyone, will that person be trustworthy enough to not be back fire it on me….
Why am I feeling so scared to move ahead…to take risks…I have not been like this before….m feeling dependent, m holding myself back….why?

M scared..scared to move ahead coz nothing has been so hazy, so blurred before…decisions have not been so tough before…I need my guiding light to be with me once everytime…..

You know one of the most difficult things in the world is to come to terms with your own self. Both your greatness and your weakness.

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