Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dse teenage frrrandzzz

Relationships surprise me at times…

The human mind can be really complex at times…
Relationships change, equations change….do people change? Be it a friend whom you have trusted all your life with your deepest secrets which you never thought of hiding from them.

There have been friends whom you consider to be your lifeline as teenagers. They be with you through the thick and thin of things. We divulge our dreams, our nightmares, our darkest secrets without even the blink of an eye.
The moments spent are forever cherished….the fun, the frolic, the evening walks, the cards( thankfully when we were teenagers, cards were in vogue….it may sound weird but I am thankful because I have something concrete to look back at those moments. These are momentoes for me which teenagers today have replaced with the all so expensive gifts..:( ).
Coming back to the thoughts going on inside my chronically thinking head… I am thankful to the existence for developing a relation of friendship….the no give and take dosti…a world in the world…away from the nagging, cchic chic of the so called relatives whom the children in the universe find difficult to relate to!!

But all the time , things can’t be hunky dory…gradually the rabbit fun hops out, the frogy mischievousness jumps out, the snake charm slides away, the bugs in the dosti jiggle in…. And as one of my friends suggested, Murphy’s law has its place in the world….It holds valid…if anything has to go wrong…,it will…...

We just keep wondering that something is going wrong. At times our ego stops us, at times its plain laziness(or energy conservation!) to make that extra effort. But all this while, the draconian termite is making our fevicol strong wall crumble inside while we are still trying hard to polish it from outside. We grow up entering into this big bad world….meet more ‘sane’ people while we are in the process of loosing our own ‘sanity’. The complexity of the world takes on us and not even the sparks are allowed to breathe.
Time goes on, new people sneak in. We as sophisticated savages try our level best to make new best friends….to find rhythm in differently tuned in strings. At times we succed, at times we stumble and fall.

Life takes its own course and we start ignoring people who matter most to us as faded paint on the milestones on the highway we just pass by. The cards on the study table find their way into boxes and files and these files are further dumped into the darkest corner of the ‘not so important things almirah.’

And then ……the mad cleaning during the once in the five yearly whitewash plan takes you down the memory lane to those cards and friendship bands….or the social networking sites help us track them down….sometimes the sparks rekindle….sometimes we run out of words…

But are really these so great childhood friends worth loosing in this Amazonian rainforest type of world..??

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