Thursday, September 25, 2008

the big fat weddings...

These weddings are such a piss off I tell you... I just can't understand the concept of calling the whole world - and come to think of it, the two people getting married would even know the 50% people who are attending their wedding for they would be their mother's uncles or father's aunts and their kids and grand kids and who and who not........ the funniest part being - most of the people who attend these weddings (including me) don't even know the names of the two people getting married! Now how wierd is that? But it is like that... take it or leave it. I don't mind admitting it but the only good thing about all this marriage business is the food( only if it is good and that too is rare!:(

So basically there are precisely a few chossen things to do at a big fat indian wedding - gorge on food, observe people at their artificial best, children embarrasing their parents with their rowdiest behaviour,flaunt your new clothes, smile to people u dont even distantly remember, pretend as if u know every thing about your long lost aunties and uncles while tryin to do the namaste's and stuff,and lastly enjoy your dessert.

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