Thursday, September 25, 2008

blah blah!

Remember the last time you felt the need to cry....
To why I am saying this is because I m feeling like crying rite now…...reason?? Well its too will be of no harm to me physically but mentally--hell yes!, its creating a lotta turbulence in my head…..And it won't really be worth mentioning and, but just so that my frustration is thrown out I'm doing this.Hell. At this point of time all I want is to get involved in any ordeal to take me away from all of it- every bit of it! But as of now all I can see is a void around me and the last thing that I want to hear from any soul is any senti stuff. Just leave me alone.Huh!

All I can say is that sometimes handling an unnecessary pressure which is not as complicated but since I tend to think over it again n again n not just let it go, its like a cyclone in my head. I am behaving, no thinking like a nerdo!

Why can't all of you live life calmly. I mean I don’t know y m I writing this, coz I know the few people who have been creating trouble in my head will not even be near to reading this…huh!

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