Friday, September 26, 2008

the childhood fun

The other day in a school, I was just looking at the kids playing around and really really enjyn it….and I realized so much fun these childhood games were…that gangof ours and playing all sorts of games ranging from the good ol borin housie housie to kho kho to red letter and that evening wala galli ka cricket…:)…and then just vanishing up asap after hitting the ball onto someone’s window or when it landed up on the neighbours car….oh what fun it was!! Kya masti bhare din the woh……the cycling race….ah I was mad about it…..I used to cycle at such a speed. Once I even rammed into our colony ka kabadiwala!!!!ouch…! the teaming up in the badminton matches and then the fights too…

The summer holz – there was so much to do at that time except the homework.!! The early morning walks to JNU. Goofing up at some friends house or the other for the whole day, bringing the roof down and ruining the siesta for the rest of the members in the house!! And the walks in the dark streets of the colony and the most besuri antakshari songs we shouted at the top of our throats to add to the irritation and the restlessness of the people around when the electricity department played notorious… and then the lectures at home after all the mess had been done ;)))))

Oh how can I forget one tomfoolery we got into….we three friends used to read a lotta books and there was this bhaiya in our colony who used to issue comics and stuff during holidays. Looking at him we got this waggish idea of setting up our own library….we got hold of every damn book in our house…I mean trust me, we sneaked into every corner, every cupboard, every shelf and grabbed any book we could lay our hands on!!
We numbered the books which came up to around 200 and grandly named our library as the TAJ library using the initials of our names!!
We did actually sit down and made labels displaying the name of our library, pasted it on every book, made a record register , made posters , got them typed and pasted all over the colony…what freaks we were and I don’t know what made us do all of it. We took newspapers and an old bedsheet and laid down our library on the street. We used to operate in the morning and evening!!
Ha ha but lemme come to the most amusing part….in that whole one month, only 5 books were issued!! We tried our level best to bring in people and coax them to issue books but in vain…J…it was fun. I don’t remember if any of us were disappointed by the no one coming to our library issue….we just enjoyed the whole experience. Even today when I open my collection of books and have some of those books with the label TAJ library on it, nothing can stop a big smile on my face… after so many years, though the other two co-owners of the library are miles away and its been ages the three of us have even spoken to each other, I am sure the experience would make them think of us as a gang and feel elated….

Ah I just realized I got too deep into describing that activity….i guess memories are like that, you just can’t hold them back… I think its time to conclude this.Hey a must mention here has to be the durga puja time, the diwali melas in the colony….a time for all the gaiety, frolic and merriment.

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