Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Pondering over thoughts
And yet being thoughtless

Living & outliving lies
And contemplating truth

Shaking suppressions
And questioning the alter ego

Overcoming guilts
And discovering self

Living many lives in one
And labouring dreams

The movement
from darkness to light
and light to darkness
define life.


Smita said...

Lovely & a very true poem....

Shayari said...

Well written poem :)

dharmabum said...

the movement to me, is ever towards light - the apparent darkness en route are but passing clouds that clear away, in time...

loved this.

state of mind? said...

thanks smita n shayari..:))

n very well put dharmabum!

Abs said...

loved it. Darkness is a teacher in itself and the journey makes one wiser

Thanks for passing by.