Sunday, January 11, 2009

from one life to another

we looked into each others eyes
mine were sad
his had tears.

tears of remembrance.
remembrance of
those first walks with his soft hand gripped in a protective hand..
those first jumps..
first and forever chats..
his scoldings ..
walks to school holding his hands...
man to man talks..
and then one day..
the protective hand was left alone
coz the other moved ahead in life.

remembrance of
those walks when his shivering hand held the firm hand
scoldings given to him to have his medicines
sitting by him through the night
and praying for his well being
hoping that medicines work
sitting by him in the hospital for weeks
man to man talks
and then one day he left
to move ahead in the life cycle.

his eyes were rather painful
they were talking which is unusual
unable to conceal the grief
expressing the loss of his father.


verbivorehere said...

nice blog..touching read..

dharmabum said...

hard to imagine what it would be like...

state of mind? said...
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state of mind? said...

death of a parent is the most painful and heartrending experience in one's life....its a sorrow that leaves an unfathomable void...ask those who have lost.

but sadly all of us have to face this some day.

the pink orchid said...

oh so painful.. missing dad.. beautiful lines.

J P Joshi said...