Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have so many things in mind that I want,but I still can't really say that this is really want I want. Infact i want all of it....sslluurrrpp!!!

I have lot of professional dreams. I want them to be fulfilled ASAP.I dn’t want to wait. I am too impatient for that one step at a time theory. I think I need some counseling….

A man who will support my decisions and respect me for who I am. A man who would not expect those ‘a woman has to do this’ stuff from me coz my brain cells have not been engineered that way.

I want some decent bank balance which I can spend lavishly!!( pls dnt bother to ask me to define ‘decent’.)

My stupid friend is getting married and moving on to a different city……gosh….y couldn’t u find some nice guy in our city???.........i’ll miss u P…

I want to go on a holiday every 2 months to a nice hill station and into solace….is that asking for too much??

I want a splendid cook by my side all my life…coz I hate to cook….but I need to eat yummy food. The rats in my stomach have taste buds too….

I am laziness personified….will someone help me get out of this syndrome or u’ll see me knocked out of the house in a few months. :( :(

Will update the list soon…;)

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