Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorists have succeeded

Mr. Prime Minister, in his so called address to the nation didn’t seem to believe in even one word or syllable of what he said. And why would he? He and all of his circle are sitting at home with their securities right in place. He would be completing his tenure in another few months. His government too faced problems like all others. His government too did what all others did…. Do not act and do not react…those who shout and make noise will calm down. Or is he genuinely helpless and waiting for a Naseeruddin Shah to come up and say ‘Koi M*******d, button dabake ye nahi tai karega ki mujhe kab aur kaha marna hai”

But thats exactly whats been happening.The terrorists have succeeded in their mission….they have been hitting hard on the country..they have showed it to us that they can and they will….they will hit us hard, in our ***** and we will keep watching numb and helpless.

Its not about Mumbai or Delhi anymore. It isn’t about “thank God my near and dear ones are safe.” What was the fault of those cops who laid down their lifes? What about those innocent people at the railway station or on the roads? What about those people in the hotels and the hotel staff? I am not intending to play the blame game here. But my only question is WHY? WHY US?

Why can’t our so called leaders lead the country to a safer high rather than making it vulnerable with every coming day? What is our intelligence doing? Can the politicians stop meddling with the law and order of the country for their own selfish interests? They have their Z security with them. We have a right to ask the same for us…will they be able to even face this question? This is absolute muck on the faces of the leaders of the country only if they realize it…they have politicized politics..its bizarre…. Its elections in Delhi tomorrow and as I go on the road, there are posters of BJP criticizing Congress for all the terrorism that has been happening around. Can I ask what difference would BJP have made? Nobody is here to lead the country..everyone is here for self power and money. Politics has become a game for all these people. The commom man is nothing.

Since Wednesday night, I have been terribly disturbed. I have many questions? It happened in USA once and never again did terrorists dare to strike back there? Why is India such a soft target? We have a great army and NSG team…why havn’t they been able to barge in and kill the pests…its been 24 hrs ???? It’s a shame not only for the present government but all the past governments as well. They have been ignoring this and to this day that it has taken a hazardous face. They like boasting about nuclear power. The political circle of the country was reduced to a child’s game to win support for the nuclear deal….Damn you will you save the people? What are your bloody nuclear weapons going to do now? Every hard earned penny of the people who died and who are living to see an uncertain fate is being wasted. The government will not do anything to build a secure future for us. I don’t know if I am able to come back from work tomorrow. I may be gunned down in the middle of the road. I should bloody well enjoy with the money that I earn rather than paying futile taxes to this irresponsible leadership.

I am angered by what my country has been put through .I am feeling helpless and I am feeling frustrated.

Should we want this bizarre to be normalized to wake to another dawn conditioned that this has become a normal occurrence???


NIRMAL said...

State of Mind,

We echo the same thoughts on this terror attack!
I agree to you why do political parties make a scene out of this blaming the ruling govt.

honestly ruling govt esp home ministry has failed miserably!!

attack after attack, as you put it, we hv to pray for being safe in our country!!

I believe we will over come!!

Anirudh Garg said...

I totally agree with you.
One attack on USA and never once again.

And as you said politicians here just care to play the blame game; but that's not what bothers me. That's what has been going on since forever, and will go on till god knows when.

What really bothers me is our country's intelligence.
They say India has a very intelligent crowd. With supposedly the worst level of intelligence agencies.
I still can't imagine what they do in their air-conditioned offices, cause they definitely aren't interested in protecting us.
In the running of this country I used to have greatest faith in our intelligence agencies.
But they seriously shocked me. They couldn't prevent one of the biggest terror attacks of the country, which was obviously being planned since aged.

God bless us.