Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am

I just wish I was like so many, infact most of the people around me. Things…nah life would have been soo much easier. It troubles me….the differences in thought and processes. N here I aint talking about strangers. I am talking about family thats becoming more of a stranger rather than a support. I just cant sit down and talk to them. I fail to sit down and discuss the differences. Coz I assume they wont be able to comprehend. Our priorities in life have become (are)different. Just that I have realized it now. I am not like them. I want to do things they want me to but our ways arnt similar. I feel like an outsider now. Its not that anyones stopping me but they arnt supportive either. And now after a time, after holding my head high for some time ,I am beginning to loose faith in myself and I my goals. This constant not making of eye contacts and worry about each othet yet limited expressions feels or rather crumbles me inside. It diverts my energy from what I should be doing to nowhere.
This makes me believe, much better are so many names around me who did not take the road less travelled. But m walking, and pray to the super power to give me the strength for I got to make a mark and I shall


Ajaa said...

Differences in thoughts are bound to be there and should be…or else u won’t be able to look at various thought processes and understand the way the world thinks…the world of conventional opinions and the world of conformist ideas. Observe..its sometimes good to experience differences. U get to see the mirror or show the mirror, u get to reflect and see reflections. Just let this phase be…
Yes, it’s odd when ur very own people seem like strangers. ‘I am not like them’ u write but it is also the other way round- they r not like u or each one of us is different. Don’t let this dead air remain…assumptions wont carry u out of this, talking would. Talk this out or write. Adopt the medium to communicate that suits u the most but do communicate. When things build up, they only look more complicated and unsolvable.
But keep faith. If u lose it u lose urself and keeping the self intact is the most difficult thing to do in the world.
All the best and ur prayers will be answered though a lil work on ur end would be useful.
Hi ! I read urs too sometimes.

state of mind? said...

hi! thanks for those words of encouragement. m trying.....