Monday, November 29, 2010

me at almost 27.

When I was 18
The man who gave me my first of the many names
left for his abode.
I enjoyed pleasure.
Created rings in the air.
Felt the pain of love.
I realised what those unfriendly touches meant.
I stepped into the air of independence.

When I was 20,
I held the wheel I could steer.

At 16,
I understood what melancholy was
amidst a crowd.

At 10 or 12,
I felt the first unhealthy touch.

At 14
The man I both adored and hated
became a star.

At 15
I had a shoulder to cry on, to laugh and share my secrets with.
The retalliations within me kept growing.

At 22,
I belived at the path I was moving on.
I added a sparkling feather.

At 24
I added yet another feather.
We crossed boundaries of land & water.

At 25,
The hate was transitioning to care.
I became what I wanted to be.
I missed the strong bonds of Rakhi.
The distance began to emerge.
I realised once again how important you were to me.

At 23,
I earned my first bank' s paper.

At 26,
Somebody surprised me and left me gaping.
The distance has been growing eversince.
I met the first considered man..
till now have met 4 :)
I began to fight hard in my mind.

At 21,
I crossed a milestone.

as i write this, i realise there's so much of I in me....what have i done for others.

p.s- this post is inspired by the recent Kotak ad ....celebrating 25!!!

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