Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tummy troubles

Off late my tummy dear has been giving me more trouble than the usual ones…( well…my stomach blues have become a part of me..)
Ma n Pa are fed up running after me to have medicines while I continue to run away from medicines…
So this time pa dearest has got me this BIG bottle of lauki-amla-bel juice from the Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali stuff…
N don’t u ask me….its yuck..m supposed to take in half a cup of that horrendous syrup first thing in the morning…L
Well day 1 I almost stopped myself from letting my system take a reverse gear…the ghiya makes it bitter, the amla content is just too high giving it all the sourness and doesn’t leave any space for the poor bel to make its presence felt…
Day 2 I decided to add some sugar to it to kinda reduce that awful taste….well no relief…sugar wasn’t sweet enough I guess….
Day 3 on Pa’s advice I added some salt n pepper to that yucky syrup but that damn thing is just so opaque n dense that it doesn’t let anything mix up with it to make it a little pleasant to gulp it down the throat….
I wonder y it doesn’t have an odour?

All said and cribbed about, I feel that thing is making a difference….i do feel slightly better…
But trust me pushing it down the food pipe is a task and I am to finish that 1000ml bottle in 10 dayz….
All I can say is……My mornings aren’t pleasant anymore….

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