Friday, May 15, 2009

strings of my handbag

Isme kya bhar kar lati ho?
Is one question that I have been so frequently asked by men…I wonder why big bags trouble men so much?
I am a somebody who’s smitten by big bags…ever since my college dayz. In college there were chicks who used to come carrying those hankerchief size bags and a diary in hand and I used to wonder what do they come here for? I mean is their life so simple to come in that pencil box size bag???

Mine wasn’t!!! during college dayz I was obsessed with jholas so always on the hunt for the ethnic and colourful ones..and it was always full with so much in it….books, note pad,wallet,water bottle, scarf, pens, card pouch(id,library ticket, bus pass membership cards etc), other essential stuff…plus I have this habit of picking random stuff…be it nice big unusual leaves from the college garden, fruits shed from tress,nything unique lying about on the road and all of it went into my bag!!! Besides the last one, all this was essential stuff and I wonder how could girls manage without it????

For me the idea of a bag is to throw in all the stuff inside it and keep ur hands free. But I see people around who carry these mini size bags on their wrists and then keep their hands full and keep dropping things around!!

Why woman why can’t u carry a bigger bag?

N I just so hate these clutch bags doing the rounds these days. They are just so tiny and whats the use of carrying one when it can’t contain anything except ur mobile phone…u m sure u can carry that in ur hand…..ah someone shouted…glam quotient…..phew..keep that to u babes!!

So my journey of bags has been from back packs to interesting jholas to jute bags to rug and bamboo stick bags, cloth bags to now rexine bags…but all big size!!

The bag that m carrying these days is like a huge pouch with strings at the top to tie and lock it. And it looks quite smart….and my folks have nick named it as Aladdin ki potli!!! n m quite happy for the kind of space it provides me to pack in things and raise frivolous questions in the minds of men!!!

Well I just took this quiz
What Does Your Handbag Say About You?
My results show:

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.

You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment.

You are a very creative person. Your life tends to be a whirlwind, but you always seem to pull it together.

You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person.

You are a very unique and special person.
There's no one else who is anything like you

So very me….!!!


The Pink Orchid said...

wow! a very interesting description and unique topic to blog about.. thank you so much for stopping by my blog. i am honoured. :)

Prashant evolving.. said...

if I would have not read this I would have never understood the minute details tht goes in selecting a bag by girls :)

it was nice to read your comment on my blog

state of mind? said...

@ pink orchid
m glad u liked it
hoping to see u stop by more often..

@ prashant
lolz...dre's more it than just this!!!

Prashant evolving.. said...

Hope to know tht extra bit thru your blog smday ;-) lolz..

state of mind? said...

@ prashant
he he he...dat rings a bell...may be i could do up a post on that!!!

Prashant evolving.. said...

lolz..I am eagerly waiting for tht ;-)
waise I have added you to my blog list :)

state of mind? said...

well thnks for blog rolling me...ny kind of pprecition is alwyz welcome ;)))

n for the post u will have to wait for some time......

usha said...

oh, my precious bag was once called a 'rag picker's bag' by some ruthless women! :(

sawan said...

u cud have put the pic of "Aladdin ki potli" :)

state of mind? said...

@ usha
i guess we can get used to dat kind of 'bag-pulling';))

@ sawan
u can do with the description for now...