Monday, January 25, 2010


for once m not trying to be selfish...m concerned coz its not about my life alone but one more life that would have a lot of expectations and so many people linked to it. m thinking about all of it and trying to take a decision. but u are not letting me stand by that.
understand its damn difficult for me to do all this. it takes courage to let ur dreams go by and not catch hold of them. let me gather that courage. don't make me run around in circles. its baffling. everything is spinning. My mind tangles up like the ball of wool the kitten just played with. The truth is that I am tired........ tired of fighting with myself, fighting with my closest ones, tired of fighting till I loose......till I fall down.

give me the strength. show me the light.


Ankur said...

i feel the same... and dont know a way out, so if u do, then let me know too! :)


奇怪 said...
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The Double Inverted Commas said...

Madame, you have been awarded. You can collect your award from my page.