Sunday, November 29, 2009


Life is a wander maze. No matter how hard we try life takes its own course. At times good at times bad. Its good when it correlates to the prayers we have made and bad when its contradictory to what we have wished for. My heart breakes but only for a moment when I see a small child bare feet begging on the roads of the city bearing the chill. Its makes my dream castle crumble down and makes me question my soul. Do I have a right to ask for more? It makes me feel so small inside. Most of us consider ourselves as books of wisdom but how much do we know about life? Just a look at an old rickshaw puller carrying down two young girls down the street shakes me and I want to plan a future, plan a life???

I know a lot and yet I know nothing….nothing. I may have my degrees but I don’t know if I might choke in the next breath.

Many times I try to stop myself from asking from the almighty and see how life treats me just based on my work and my decisions. But I cannot practice it for long.
Life as I see is a series of steps, very well planned. The complexities are as real as the dark clouds or the deep blue sea. But they always take us somewhere, to some place, to some destination with a lot of de-learning, learning and re-learning along the journey. I would like to call it destiny.

Its like the rainbow that appears once in a while to rekindle that faith and beauty and replenish our thoughts with hope and desires once more.

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