Thursday, October 22, 2009

just updates.

there's a lot about me that nobody knows....nobody and i can not and do not want to expalin it to them . but i wish i could share.....i know i can share it with P but i do not have the guts to do so...dark secrets are difficult to open up....she would understand why i do not want to get married now.

i have started making stupid blunders again. its strange but this phase comes in , reoccurs . i start making mistakes n that too illlogical n stupid in nature which i myself cannot understand why and become a cause not of embarrasement but absolute stupidity and mindlessness. its making me feel guilty.

for friends- most of them have a constant complain. i make plans to meet up and call off at the last moment. at times it is mood swing , laziness but mostly its genuine reasons. i wish all my good friends could understand this. but those who do and still love me are my gooody goody what if i couldn't attend my best friends marriage....i know she understands or cancelled off major plans at last moments.....we all still in touch and going good.

i wish i could apply my brains a little more.

feeling too stressed out these days....lot of work and laziness leaves all my work unfinished and then i have to rush. result.....stress.

my hod is getting on my nerves these days...she's irking me...can't she be a better would ease off so much of work..but no..why would she do that...i m starting to hate her.

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