Wednesday, August 5, 2009


till the child is in the womb
she is a part of the mother.
as she comes out in the world
she has to learn to live for herself.

For the mother,
the process of detatchment starts
from the day she gives her a new life,
outside her.

Yet mothers are the only ones
who can sense our pains
our angsts
without even words being conveyed

she is the one
who first felt us
who first loved us
who nourished us before herself
satiated our hunger before hers
treated our pains before hers
awoke nights so that we could sleep

how much more do i state here....

can we ever do or feel
even a fraction of this love
towards our mom..

we are the ones
who take them for granted


praddy said...

:) true

Ankur said...

wow... :)
so true!!

if even we think this much, i am sure we know of what to do...
nice verse!! :)


rawcogs said...

Just wondering, reading from yer blog description - How has it helped yer life, writting a blog? Wrote mine for 1½ months and feel so clear already. Can be that the fact i went away for holidays helped, too. But yes :)

state of mind? said...

thanks praddy n ankur :)

@ rawcogs
i blog coz there are a few things that i cannot share with my loved ones coz i cannot put it in words for them. thats coz i myself am not clear about the chaos in the mind...but when i sit down just flows.....

With Malice said...

an old hindi classic to this blog...
दूखने लागी हैं माँ तोरी अंखियाँ
मेरे लिए जागी है तू सारी सारी रतियाँ..
मेरी निंदिया पे, अपनी निंदिया भी, तूने वारी हैं...
ओ माँ, ओ माँ...
तू कितनी अच्छी है, तू कितनी प्यारी है, ओ माँ
ये जो दुनिया है, ये वन है काँटों का, तू फुलवारी है...
ओ माँ, ओ माँ


state of mind? said...


i heard this one looooooooooong time back.......